Modern Corporate Office: Relaxation Area, Adjustable Height Desks, and Screens for Productivity and Comfort

Workspaces for the modern business landscape.

Australian-owned and operated wholesale manufacturing company specialising in custom workstation and screen solutions.

Our Promise

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End-to-end solutions
Recycling programs
CAD Design
Australian Made
Plush Blue Ottoman Soft Furnishings: Serenity and Comfort in Stylish Design

Local and international partnerships

SSV works with local suppliers and international manufacturing partners to cater to the national commercial furniture market.

Activ Sitting and Standing Desk: Modern Corporate Full Suite Design for Dynamic Workspaces

Custom-built office solutions

SSV offers custom-built office screens, workstations, desks, storage, and accessories for a comprehensive office furniture solution.

New Arrivals

Discover our latest arrivals in office furniture
– stay ahead with cutting-edge designs to elevate the workspace with style and functionality.

Whispa Desk Range

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Wire Coffee Table

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Activ-8 Desk

Experience ultimate functionality and style with the Activ8 Premium Quick Install Desk Frame. Adjustable height settings, advanced controls, anti-collision technology, quick installation, and seamless integration with SSV Screen Systems. Backed by a 5-year warranty and BIFMA certified. Upgrade your workspace today.

Network and Connectivity Solutions

We understand the importance of network and connectivity solutions in modern businesses beyond desks and chairs.

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